A Warhammer 40K/D20 hybrid game played on IRC. Set on Terra during the Age of Strife in the 29th Millennium.
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 Cambion's and the Forces of Chaos

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PostSubject: Cambion's and the Forces of Chaos   Thu Dec 03, 2015 5:36 am

Cambion's are a relatively new phenomena. Only coming into being around the 27th Millennium.

The Cambion's see themselves as a higher race of humanity. Though not a natural evolution of the species. Cambion's where created through experimentation and breeding. However Cambion's see themselves as devine beings over the idea of coming from lab rats.

As Terra was cut off from the rest of the colonies because of the emerging warp Storm, in the Age of Strife. The influence of Chaos gripped the worlds. Through the uncontrolled, untrained, arrogance and  naivety Psykers became a portal for such influence. Opening the flood gates for the denizens of the warp.

To understand Cambion's one must understand such forces:

The Gods
The Chaos Gods, also called the Dark Gods or the Ruinous Powers, are powerful entities who inhabit and control the psychic dimension that underlies all physical reality known as the Immaterium or the Warp, created and sustained by the emotions and collective desires of every sentient being of the material universe. Although they are god-like beings, the Dark Gods are by their nature monomaniacal and completely single-minded since they are formed entirely of a single emotion or concept.

A Chaos God can only grow in power through the actions and thoughts of mortals. Those who worship a Chaos God, and behave in a way that feeds it, are rewarded with strange "gifts," extraordinary powers and potentially, immortality as a Daemon Prince.

The four primary Chaos Gods are:

  • Khorne, The Blood God - God of War, Murder, Battle - Khorne is the Blood God, an angry and murderous God of Chaos whose bellows of limitless rage echo throughout the corridors of time and space. His great brass throne sits upon a mountain of skulls in the midst of a plain of splintered bone and lakes of mortal blood formed from the remains of his followers slain in battle and those who his minions have killed in his name. Khorne embodies mindless and absolute violence, destroying everyone and everything within reach, shedding the blood of friend and foe alike. The followers of Khorne are always ferocious warriors and never make use of psychic powers, for the Blood God abhors the trickery of magic and cowardly sorcerers, particularly the servants of Tzeentch. Men turn to Khorne for the power to conquer, to defeat their enemies in battle, to wreak bloody vengeance and to attain unmatched martial prowess against all comers. The most fanatical and dedicated of his followers, those whose souls are trapped fully within his bloody embrace, know that he truly desires only constant and wild slaughter for its own sake. Khorne cares not from where the blood flows, only that it flows without cease for all eternity.
  • Tzeentch, The Changer of the Ways - God of Change, Sorcery, Fate and Hope - Tzeentch is known by many titles across the galaxy, including the Changer of the Ways, the Master of Fortune, the Great Conspirator and the Architect of Fate. He is the Great Sorcerer, the God of Sorcery and Change and master of the mutable stream of destiny and time. Tzeentch is, without question, the most disturbing and least comprehensible of all the Chaos Gods. His skin crawls with constantly changing faces that leer at and mock all who look upon him. When Tzeentch deigns to speak to other beings, these faces repeat his words, often with subtle but important differences of intonation and meaning. Plotters and schemers find themselves drawn to Tzeentch, especially those who crave psychic or sorcerous power to achieve their goals. Politicians and leaders, magisters and Chaos Cultists, all find themselves drawn along the convoluted paths of fate, using Tzeentch to achieve their dreams and aspirations, though ultimately all are led to play their part in Tzeentch's own eternal schemes. No man can fully comprehend the full nature of the intricately-woven, multi-layered plots of Tzeentch and to attempt to do so can only lead to insanity. Yet in reality Tzeentch has no grand plan, no ultimate goal to fulfill. For Tzeentch the mere act of plotting and entwining the brief fates of mortals is purpose enough. There is no end to his scheming for he desires no end to the creation of change. Tzeentch can never achieve any ultimate aim for to do so would be the end of ambition and thus the end of the Lord of Destiny.
  • Nurgle, The Plague Lord - God of Death, Disease and Decay - Nurgle is the mighty Lord of Decay who presides over all physical corruption and morbidity. Disease and putrefaction, the inevitable entropic decline of all things, are the favors he bestows upon the universe. The God's immense body is bloated with corruption and exudes a sickly, diseased stench. His skin is greenish, leathery and necrotic, its surface pock-marked with all of his various boils, running sores and favorite infestations. From his exposed guts spill tiny Lesser Daemons, his Nurglings, who dine upon the filthy fluids that ooze from Grandfather Nurgle's many festering wounds. It is to free themselves from despair -- the eternal mortal dread of disease, starvation and death that men turn to the Plague Lord. Despite his appearance, he is a warm, welcoming God who prides himself on the achievements of his followers, gifting them with his most hideous diseases even as he protects them from all pain and the cold sleep of death. The fear of death can be found in the hearts of all the sentient beings of the universe, and so there is no shortage of mortals willing to sacrifice their immortal souls in return for the corrupted preservation of their physical bodies for all time.
  • Slaanesh, The Prince of Pleasure - God of Pleasure, Sensation and Desire - Slaanesh is the youngest of the Chaos Gods and alone of all the Ruinous Powers, born into existence in the 29th Mellenium during the Age of Strife. The Prince of Chaos is divinely beautiful. He is as seductive as only an immortal can be, disarming in his innocence, utterly beguiling in his manner and irresistibly tempting with his words. Slaanesh can assume male, female or hermaphroditic form at will and it is impossible for a mortal to look upon him without losing his soul and becoming a slave to the Prince of Pleasure's slightest whim. Mortals that seek charisma and fellowship turn to Slaanesh, for his gifts can make one popular and inspiring. Poets and artists are drawn into his gaze by the promise of inspiration and fame, while even the hardiest warriors might seek the adulation of the masses and the ironclad loyalty of their followers. Yet as one continues in the service of Slaanesh, such pleasures soon grow stale and his servants are driven on to search for ever greater sensations and ever more self-fulfillment until only the most decadent and debased of acts can stir their emotions or provide the pleasure they have come to crave.

A Daemon, also known as a Neverborn amongst the Forces of Chaos, is an intelligent and usually malevolent entity of the Warp that is a living embodiment of Chaos. Daemons are collectively the greatest servants of the Chaos Gods and of Chaos itself as a universal force. They are created at the whim of one of the four major Chaos Gods from a fraction of the god's own power within the Immaterium and act as an extension of his will. A daemon's appearance and intrinsic character reflect the god's own nature. These daemons may be reabsorbed into the god's own psychic signature in the Warp at his whim.

Daemons have no physical presence within the Warp. The Realm of Chaos is anathema to the laws of physics and the starships that navigate its depths do so by taking a skin or bubble of "reality" with them when they enter using their Warp-Drive. Instead of possessing a true physical form, daemons project a form conjured from raw psychic energy that is essentially a lesser interpretation of their master's fundamental nature. Hence, the bizarre and inhuman appearances projected by daemons indicate their presence, status and allegiance to a Chaos God.

Daemons can possess mortals on the other side of the barrier between dimensions by transferring some of their psychic power into the mind of a psychically "gifted" mortal victim. The mind of a psyker is the most susceptible to this influence. The daemons appear in dreams and visions, infusing their mortal host with a portion of daemonic power. This eventually leads to the destruction of the possessed mortal, who is known as a Daemonhost, as their physical frame is warped by the daemon to suit its own inhuman aesthetic. A few mortals willingly allow themselves to be possessed, glorying in the superhuman abilities they gain, even though the energies they crave will soon destroy them. Though the physical and psychic power of a daemon is severely limited by the physical body it possesses, the scope for mayhem and carnage is still great. Possessed mortals, particularly those who already have power and influence, can start rebellions and wage wars, plunging whole worlds into centuries of bloodshed and anarchy. The history of the galaxy is littered with devastating conflicts caused by Imperial military commanders, belligerent army generals and political leaders who have been touched by a daemon's fell influence.  

The knowledge of how to create a daemonhost is very hard to acquire.  The information is simply not widely known and even less widely distributed. Some particularly devoted Chaos cultists or sorcerers may research daemonhost creation, but their work is often fragmentary, or even dangerously flawed.Once the summoners have obtained both the proper instructions and a suitable victim, they must determine what daemon they will bind. This is the most difficult part of the process. The summoners cannot randomly summon a daemon, then bind it within a host. They must know who the daemon is, specifically its name, if it is a follower of a particular Ruinous Power. The daemonhost must be bound in ritual in order to be controlled. A free host is a most dangerous thing indeed.

Once the daemonhost is bound and contained, the summoner who bound it can compel it to do his bidding. As long as the daemonhost remains bound, it is unable to directly harm the summoner . However, how closely it follows orders depends on how strong its bindings are—and how specific the summoner is with his directions. Make no mistake the daemonhost is no friend of whomever it serves. At best, it is a grudging servant, doing its master’s bidding whilst taking any opportunity to delight in bloodshed, slaughter, and destruction along the way.

The Cambion's
The Cambions came to being through a human Chaos Cult's experimentation with Daemonhost. The goal was to create a new race dedicated to the service of their dark masters. The next step for mankind. An easier and more controllable manifestation of of Chaos.

Essentially Daemonhosts where breed. The human seed saturated with the energy and life force of the Daemons. A Cambion is the ultimate amalgamation of man and Daemon. Depending on the alignment of the Daemon host parents will determine what structure or family the Cambion belongs. Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle or Slaanesh and thus set forth their roll in Cambion society.

The experiment was more than successful. A new species was born. Stronger than man yet not quiet as powerful as the daemonhost parents. But the desire was not quiet met. The Cambion's proved just as dangerous and independent in their motives than the cultists believed they would. Unable to be bound and forced into survive, it was quickly realized they maintained one massive flaw, or in the Cambion's view a merit. They maintained their grip on their humanity. Not born corrupted. Instead born with a seance of the warp and an understanding of the dangers that lays there in. The Cambion's rose up against their creators, devoured their parents and escaped into the world.

Over the next millenniums they grew into a culture to their own, though watered down through the generations, thier offspring still possessed the energies given to them by their daemonhost ancestors. Maintaining the human races ignorance to their presence became utmost. Fearing the genocide that would follow through fear and superstition. Though never forgetting what they ultimately are practice control, studying to control their natural and intense psyker gifts, unlike most of humanities psykers. They are the hunters of the real world, taking on Chaos where it crops up. Seeing themselves as tragic saviors for the unsuspected. Feeding off the energies of such creatures to sustain their power. In a way they have become the Sin Eaters.

And Chaos wants nothing more than to destroy them.

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Cambion's and the Forces of Chaos
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