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 Cambion Society

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PostSubject: Cambion Society   Fri Dec 04, 2015 5:56 am

So Cambian's are the offspring of Daemonhost experimentation. Although they are the antithesis of the powers and corruption of the Chaos Gods they are still spawned from that evil.

This is something they never forget. As Natural Psykers all Cambion born enter this world as Delta class Psykers. Their power and potential is frightening. As such they are taught control from an early age. Maintaining their will and control over the devastation they can wreak is fundamental  to their beliefs.

All Cambions share a connection to the gods associated with their parents and ancestors.

Those of Khorne tend to be Worriors, skilled and strong. They practice honor and self control above all. They are defenders not dictators or savages. They are Military leaders, Merchenries and often the  vigilantes of the world.

Those of Tzeench are the spys and sorcerers. Their ability to adapt to change makes them perfect infiltrators. They are the Mystics who boldly seek and study the dark arts in order to contain it. Often mistrusted because out of all Cambion's they open themselves up to the corruptions of the warp as thier power is greatest. Their risk is unfathomable as even the smallest Chaos artifact holds the darkest energy if unleashed warps and destroys the poor souls who happen upon them.  

Those of Nurgle are the healers. Absolutely in opposition to the the dark lord that they come from. Where there is desease and plague the healers of Nurgle fight to against the rot. They seem to have a strong immune system against the corruptions of disease and a stomach of Iron. Where others fall, they stand.

Those of Slaanesh are the newest to emerge. They are called the pleasure givers and are less trusted than those of Tzeench. They have yet to fully develop their place in society only being a century old. Their very nature challenges the Cambion's strict regime of control and denial. Has the dark gods fillany found a way to infiltrate and corrupt.. or are they there to remind the Cambion's of their  human side often forgotten?

Cambion Structure
Due to their underlying nature Cambions have developed a strict regime of control and practice. They have developed a Feudal system to live by.

The OverLord and Masters
He is the head of the Society. Not necessarily the strongest but the most knowledgeable. He chooses his successor who studies and prepares their entire life. The OverLord also choose a Master for each territory. The Masters tend to be left to their own devices but have to answer to the OverLord. The Masters can call on any Cambion in their territory for service. Tho deny them are very bad. The Masters are chosen for their skill. They can be a mix of any Chaos powers. But they tend to be strict, deadly and dedicated leaders.

Silence. This is the Cambions first law, it stands for anonymity in order to survive. No one can see what they are, no one outside thier walls can know of their true nature. To breach this law is certain death.

To fight Chaos is to resist. One must always resist the temptation offered. Power corrupts absolutely. Those Cambion's who submit to Chaos are hunted and destroyed. They are far to dangerous to be allowed to live.

The Masters word is the law, to go against it is heresy. The masters will is that of the OverLord, to be against it is to be against the OverLord. Depending on what this crime is, will determine the punishment. Banishment and even death often follows.
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Cambion Society
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