A Warhammer 40K/D20 hybrid game played on IRC. Set on Terra during the Age of Strife in the 29th Millennium.
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PostSubject: Armor    Fri Dec 18, 2015 6:28 am

Light Armors

ArmorCostArmor/Shield BonusMaximum Dex BonusArmor Check PenaltySpeed30ft.Speed 20ft.Weight1Availability
Armored Kilt*20 gp+1+6030 ft.20 ft.10 lbs.Common
Padded Clothing5 gp+1+8030 ft.20 ft.10 lbs.Common
Quilted Cloth100 gp+1+80 30 ft.20 ft.15 lbs.Common
Leather10 gp+2+6030 ft.20 ft.15 lbs.Common
Flex armor50 gp+2+6030 ft.20 ft.15 lbs.Average
Ally Mesh shirt20 gp+3+4-130 ft.20 ft.18 lbs.Scarce
Half Flak armor500 gp+3+5030 ft.20 ft.20 lbs.Scarce
Parade armor25 gp+3+5-130 ft.20 ft.20 lbs.Rare
Studded leather25 gp+3+5–130 ft.20 ft.20 lbs.Average
Synth Armor20 gp+3+3-130 ft.20 ft.25 lbs.Scarce
Thin Carapace shirt100 gp+4+4–230 ft.20 ft.25 lbs.Rare

Medium Armors

ArmorCostArmor/Shield BonusMaximum Dex BonusArmor Check PenaltyPower TraitSpeed30ft.Speed20ft.Weight1Availability
Armored Coat50 gp+4+3-220 ft.15 ft.20 lbs.Scarce
Flak Chest15 gp+4+4–320 ft.15 ft.25 lbs.Scarce
Scaled Flak50 gp+5+3–420 ft.15 ft.30 lbs.Rare
Flak Armor150 gp+6+2–520 ft.15 ft.40 lbs.Rare
Carapace breastplace200 gp+6+3–420 ft.15 ft.30 lbs.Very Rare
Carapace Breastplate (agile)400 gp+6+4-2Motion Attune30 ft.20 ft.25 lbs.Very Rare

Heavy Armors

ArmorCostArmor/Shield BonusMaximum Dex BonusArmor Check PenaltyPower TraitSpeed30ft.Speed 20ft.Weight1Source
Patch Work Carapace200 gp+7+0–720 ft.2 15 ft.245 lbs.Very Rare
Segmented Carapace 250 gp+7+1–620 ft.215 ft.235 lbs.Very Rare
Scout Carapace1,200 gp+7+1-5Agility Attune30 ft.215 ft.250 lbs.Extremely Rare
Half Carapace Mesh600 gp+8+0–720 ft.215 ft.250 lbs.Extremely Rare
Half Carapace Mesh (agile)2000 gp+8+1-5Motion Attune20 ft.215 ft.255 lbs.Extremly Rare
Full Carapace1,500 gp+9+0–620 ft.215 ft.250 lbs.Extremely Rare
Power Armor-+12+0-5Str +4Various20 ft.215 ft.2500 lbs.-
Terminator Armor- +15+0-6Str +6Various15 ft.10 ft.750 lbs.-


ShieldCostArmor/Shield BonusMaximum Dex BonusArmor Check PenaltyPower TraitSpeed30ft.Speed 20ft.Weight1Source
Combat Shield5 gp+2–15 lbs.Rare
Riot Shield25 gp+3-16 lbs.Very Rare
Boarding Shield50 gp+5+2-540 lbs.Very Rare
Storm Shield*200 gp+5+3-2Shield Generator50 lbs.Extremely Rare
1 Weight figures are for armor sized to fit Medium characters. Armor fitted for Small characters weighs half as much, and armor fitted for Large characters weighs twice as much.

2 When running in heavy armor, you move only triple your speed, not quadruple.

*A Storm Shield is a Power Shield that is a much larger and more rare version of the Combat Shield.   When the generator is activated, the shield shimmers with blue energy and when struck it emits crackling lightning, which gives the Storm Shield its name.  The shield confers its bonus to Defense in a globe around the character, thus protecting him from behind and flanks as well as directly infront.
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