A Warhammer 40K/D20 hybrid game played on IRC. Set on Terra during the Age of Strife in the 29th Millennium.
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 Hive City New Yawk

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PostSubject: Hive City New Yawk   Wed Dec 02, 2015 4:57 pm

With a population of almost a Billion souls. The Hive city of New Yawk is mammoth. The giant fortress city build on the ruins of the old city and spilling out far and wide along the East Coast. Its spirals reach up beyond the smog and pollution chocked clouds that constantly wear at the city with corrosion and acid d rain.

The city was once called the greatest in the history of man. I testament for his greatest achievements...
New Yawk now is a spiraling mess of misery and desperation. Over populated under powered. The fusion reactors that once powered this mighty city are incapable of supporting the population. The rich and Nobel classes of the higher levels greedily taking as much as they can while most of the lower levels and almost all of the undercity is left in the dark. Industrial sectors sell the power they can generate for extorted over inflated prices forcing the working class and poor into slavery just to get what they need to survive.

Food is usually available, however it depends on the season. In desperate times meat is scarce and often comes from questionable sources.

Official Nord Merika police or the governing powers forces tend to watch the wealthy levels. The lower levels being a lawless state of survival of the fittest or dictated by local gangs and warlords.

Psykers are not accepted. As fucked up things tend to happen around them, superstition sees them as bad karma or witches cursing and worshiping demons for power. Some Warlords such as Tuik. Though mistrusted the governing forces still practice the licensing of Psykers.

Tuik The Benevolent seems to have an acceptance of them and offers them protection for services. Basically enslavement for survivals sake. Tuik is more spiritual of the Warlords. Hailing from Afrik, he uses the fear of his culture for power moves. Seen as a powerful witch doctor. Tuil seeks what he calls magical artifacts, his hunters go far and wide to find artifacts for him.

Orphan is a human trafficker, he has his finger in many pies. supplying industry with workers for their factories or simple sex slaves. He offers housing, power. He offers many things some would sell their sons and daughters for a more comfortable life. Drugs, prostitution... pleasure dealer no matter how sordid.

Ragmir is a technology dealer. He is an agent for many wealthy and sometimes military leads. If you wanted Gold fast or simply trade, Ragmir is who to seek. But he warned such work is not for the faint of heart. Often it means heading into the depths, into the labyrinth tunnels of the undercity to explore ancient pockets of the old world. Sometimes it means excursions through the wastes of the dry seas or inner landscapes of the dead lands.

Gangs of the Hive are countless, cropping up and disappearing daily. They each have goals though often its pain and suffering to make some quick gold. Some gangs in the undercity are mutant gangs banding together for common survival.

Transport through the Hive can be difficult though there is a mono rail that runs along the lower levels. To gain access to anywhere higher you need permits to get through check points. To go down... is at your own peril. Outside the Hive are massive trains designed to cut through anything, large and heavy. Impossible to stop. They cut through the wastelands and mountains, connecting hives and the odd outpost.

Places of Interest
To mention them all would be to much.

Lower East
The Night Markets of Lower East is where you can get anything you need from clothing to weapons. To the famous Slave auctions of old. East has the fighting pits for those daring to make some gold and a name for themselves. Slaves are bought and their lives gambled for entertainment.

Lower South
Residential Blocks, Industrial factories, Power Generators, Hydration works. And a Transport Dock that leaves the wall via what is called Outer South Gate 1, there are 4 gates all routes to different Hives. Though Street Docs and to a lesser extent apothecaries litter the hive, a fair number of the more reputable are found here.

Lower West
Entertainment Zones there are numerous, Bars, Taverns, Clubs and Hotels (mostly coffin motels where the room is but a bed). West is home to many religious houses and some the Hives guilds that flourish down here, there is a guild for anything each more corrupt then the next.

Lower North
Industrial Zone, Import and Export zones between Hives. Mines for valuable resources stretch down through the undercity.

As usual the worst place of the hive. Mutants, monsters creatures of all kinds lurk in its darkness. A Sewage Plant struggles to deal with the hives mess. Rivers of refuse flow through the tunnels as most is pumped untreated directly out of the wall just to keep up with overflow from storms. The dry areas of Undercity is a mass slum.
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Hive City New Yawk
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